We believe that if you own a home, you should own its data.

Blockchain Home Registry (BHR) is a real estate platform that allows homeowners to claim a verified NFT of a property they own, giving them access to a permanent, transferrable, historical record of their home. New data (ownership history, maintenance and renovation records, solar potential, etc.) is added to each home on the network by integrating organizations across the real estate ecosystem, which homeowners can choose to monetize on their own terms.

BHR’s collaborative standard is revolutionizing the entire real estate industry while ensuring that homeowners are kept at the center of it all. Join us to build the Web3 layer for the future of homeownership, click here to apply!

🏡 About the role

We’re looking for an experienced Growth Marketing Manager (US-based) to engage with our community, create content for social media, and help grow our user base. You will work closely with our founders and a full team across PR, performance marketing, content, and design. The ideal candidate must be thoroughly versed in Twitter and the communities, projects, and influencers relevant to both Web3 and real estate. Responsibilities will include:

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